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About Us

Science. Innovation. Technology

CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND ADVANCED GLOBAL INNOVATION TECHNOLOGIES (SAGIT) is an integrated national-technology initiative focused on seeing education institutions engage the industry to drive innovation with a global perspective that will help Zimbabwe attain world class industry standards. The equal objective is to ensure that our curriculum is and stays relevant to current and future technology trends. With Zimbabwe being a youthful economy and largely SMEs driven, it is of prime importance to have a bridging platform that actively connects the industry to the education sector’s brightest innovative minds staging a springboard for our future giant corporates and industry leaders. SAGIT’s strong local presence and international network of technology partners helps to create working synergies with global leaders in innovation technologies.

Education and Industry

We are a bridging platform that actively connects the industry to the education sector’s brightest innovative minds

Young Innovators

We increase youth’s curiosity in innovation technology enabling them to embrace digital economies and play a full part in it.

Value Innovation

We are instrumental in transforming innovations into commercially viable businesses in the rightful intellectual property rights.

Private Sector

We anchor innovation in the private sector in terms of both research and distribution of products and services

Industry-based Solutions

We facilitate the academia to Innovate, create and explore its technology talent by solving industry based problems.

Globalizing Economies

We seek  to create a very strong local presence and a global value based network of partners in innovation and technology.

Educational Institutions

Our Services

Innovation. Science. Technology

Innovation and Technology Activities

Creating Synergies

Innovation Themes

Industrial-based Problems

Custom Approach

Innovation and Technology Activities

Real life experiences are very instrumental in triggering curiosity and in-sighting the innovative/entrepreneurial mindset in the young generation. We have an all year events calendar covering regional and international events.

Creating Synergies

The academia has a very strong ability to abstract from the problem , conceptualise and then solve it in the conceptual domain, an expertise that is woefully lacking in the industry. They can lend the conceptualisation and generalisation skills and the industry can provide the practical reality in which the conceptualisation can be rooted

Innovation Themes

We create path breaking themes, content and activities in Science, Innovation and Technology to facilitate extensive research and analysis that unlock a perpetual stream of value that benefits both the industry and academia

Industrial-based Problems

Equip Africa’s future generation with the necessary tools and skills that contribute to an evolving innovative society

Custom Approach

We have custom packages to complement the rigorous standards of the tertiary curriculum and ensure institutional staff will gain valuable experience that will transform the way they look at the world to the benefit of the young innovators.

Our International network of partners